Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Most Frequently Asked by Our Visitors

#1. You’re a non-denominational church. What does that mean?

We are a local self-governing church family. We are not part of any regional or national church bureaucracies. We’re just us! Our members come from many backgrounds: Assembly of God, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc. But we don’t use any denominational labels to describe ourselves. We’re happy to just call ourselves Christians.

#2.  What about our kids?

We love kids! We have a state of the art children’s program for children newborn to grade 6 in a brand new wing of our building featuring: praise assembly. a safe environment and small group learning.

Our teen group (7th—12th graders) is committed to personal spiritual growth, service to our church family and our community, and to having fun. Every month, we have at least one service project and at least one activity just for fun. Throughout the year, we also have events that are focused on spiritual growth and getting closer to God. The highlight of the year for many of our members is our annual Mission Trip where we go out to serve and teach in a different area of the state or country.

#3.  How should I dress?

We are a casual church. Fancy clothes are not what church is all about. Our worship service is a family gathering, not a formal ceremony or a funeral service. We want you to feel comfortable here, including the clothes you wear. In addition, unlike some churches, the Lapeer Church of Christ is not all about our preacher.  Our preacher does not wish to be called “Reverend”, “Pastor,” or even “Mr.”   Just call him Robert, and he’ll call you by your first name too.

#4.  What should be expected of me?

Nothing at all! You are welcome to participate, but don’t feel obligated to. Just observe if that is your choice. We would really appreciate it if you would fill out a blue Visitor’s Card. The card is found on the back of the seat in front of you. After filling it out, you can drop it in the contribution plate when it goes past you, or on your way out today you can drop it in the mailbox on the wall in the back of our auditorium. The card simply provides information so the church can write or call to thank you for your visit. Supply the information if you are comfortable doing so, but feel free to decline this request if you prefer.

#5.  Where do you get what you teach and preach?

The Bible is our authority because it is God’s revelation. We don’t use guilt or condemnation. We don’t want to bawl you out; we want to build you up. We don’t want to beat you down; we want to lift you up. We’re all sinners just trying to do our best. We’re no better than you, and we don’t pretend to be. Sincere Christians disagree on many lesser matters, but those differences shouldn’t divide us. What matters most is that we serve the same Lord and study the same book, the Bible.

#6.  Where does prayer fit in?

We believe in prayer! When you work, you work. When you pray, God works! We believe God works miracles in answer to prayer. Are you wrestling with a problem that needs a God-sized answer? Just ask! We’d be happy to pray with you and for you.